THE UKULELE is once again enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity! This easy to learn, very fun and versatile instrument has become the go to instrument for folks wanting to be a part of the musical community. Young and old alike are embracing it, as are various Ukulele builders who have provided the market with something for everyones personal taste! The variety is nothing short of awesome! At PIANOVATIONS we carry a wide selection of ukes, having at any given time upwards of  40-50 to choose from at any given time. Every colour of the rainbow! Different body styles, woods, even synthetic materials that allow you to withstand the elements to take your uke with you camping or surfing without damaging it!



Beavercreek Ulina


Ulina Black Ulina Red



The Beaver Creek Ulina ukulele is an excellent inexpensive uke made entirely of plastic which offers many advantages over traditional materials and manufacturing.
Precision moulding creates a consistent uke with:
better intonation
no sharp fret ends
bridges that don’t lift
extremely durable and impervious to changes in climate
great projection
Equipped with open machine heads and padded gig bag.

We keep a constant stock of these ukuleles!













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