We live now in a society of quick production of products for less money. The piano world is not immune to this. Some of us in the business affectionately call pianos in this category PSO’s – Piano Shaped Objects. We can be quickly influenced by the shiny black finish that will look great in our modern home but not think about the value of sound and playability. The materials and workmanship on many old piano were of very good quality and many old pianos have withstood the test of time. ¬†Many folks wonder whether their old piano is worth putting money into to make improvements or fully restore it to it’s former glory. ¬†Over the past 15 years that we have been in business we have experienced a significant amount of people who have a very sentimental attachment to their piano and this can be a powerful reason also to choose to restore. What can be more inspiring than making music on an instrument that Grandma made music on? Nothing like that fact to tug on ones “heartstrings”.

Owner Tamara Andre at a tender age of 3

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