Many folks who walk through our doors express great surprise at the variety and amount of instruments we carry here at Pianovations. Whether it be a talking drum or a resophonic mandolin, we have worked hard to find items that give our customers interesting choices and excellent value for their money, while not compromising on the quality of the components that go into building that item. This is a short list of the Items we carry at Pianovations.



Violins/Fiddles ;-D

Resophonic or Resonator Guitars-Metal and Wood Bodies

Ukuleles, baritone, tenor and soprano, and sometimes even a flying V style ;-D


Drums, full kits, Fair trade Djembes, Bodhrans, Cajons,Congas, Bongos and percussion accessories

Electric Guitars, solid bodies,semi hollow, hollow bodies, Jazz bodies

Acoustic guitars of many shapes and sizes, electric acoustics, youth guitars

Brass and Woodwinds, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute

Musical items for young Children

Music Books

Guitar Straps and other instrument Straps

Amplifiers – electric and Acoustic

Piano Lamps

Music and Instrument Stands and many other accessories




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