A Guitar is a very personal item and needs to be a good fit. Many big box stores only sell large dreadnought bodies guitars and these will not always be comfortable for everyones body type. Many folks have no idea of the various sizes and shapes that guitars come in and here at Pianovations we try and find the right guitar to suit you and your personality. Come on in and test out our guitars and see what sounds and feels right for you or your loved one! We have almost dozen different styles alone in acoustics and carry at any given time have 100 different guitars, acoustic and electric, IN STOCK, to choose from!

We carry a number of brands at Pianovations that represent excellent value and quality to you as a customer. We also take trade ins and usually have some good used guitars in as well of various makes.Check out what we have!

We love our Takamine guitars which are played by some of the best and most famous artists in the world. From Garth Brook to Avril Lavigne to Bruno Mars, Blake Shelton, Rammstein and John Jorgenson, these guitars cross into every type of music, country, bluegrass, rock and pop.

For more information please click this linkTAKAMINE GUITARS

The next brand we love is Ibanez. Whether you are a Metal Shredder, Jazz player, Folkie or Bluegrass lover  Ibanez has something to suit you with it’s huge selection of  electric, hollowbody and acoustic guitars.

Guitar Heroes like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, George Benson, Pat Metheny and John Scofield all have signature models of Ibanez and the scores of artists who use Ibanez are too numerous to list!  We are proud to carry Ibanez here at Pianovations. For more info please click this link. IBANEZ CANADA

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